1958–1975 Chevy Bel Air



First offered in 1953, as Chevrolet renamed its model line-up and the Bel Air name was applied to the premium model range along with the two lower series the 150 and 210. In 1955, Chevy restyled its full size line-up with crisp clean lines, the Bel Air was greeted with much enthusiasm and deemed the “Hot One”. The '55, '56, and '57 Bel Airs are among the most recognizable American cars of all time and remain an American icon, highly collected to this day. In 1958 Chevrolet redesigned the line-up to be broader, longer and heavier then their 1957 predecessors. Again, the Bel Air remained Chevrolet's top model range, followed by the newly renamed Biscayne (formerly the 210) and the Delray (formerly the 150.) In 1959, Chevrolet bumped the Impala to top-line status, thus making the Bel Air the mid-level model.

















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