1966 Corvette in Toronto, Canada

If you’re Canadian, and you noticed some rumble rippling your maple syrup this morning, that was us. Sorry about that. We’re in Toronto, Canada for two days, cruising around with multi-time Drag Week participants David Schroeder and John Ens, in Dave’s 7-second 1966 Corvette. Dave has a bunch of cool cars, including a ’32 and the opposite end of the Ford spectrum, a GT, but we were most interested in getting the back story behind his super fast, street legal drag Corvette. The ‘Vette is a Brodix big block, boasting 648 cubic inches, and addicted to a heavy dose of laughing gas. We settled for running it on pump gas around the city today, and a good thing too, because it’s got quite an appetite for liquid lunch. We ran out of gas on the highway and had to flat tow to a parking lot where John (who is from Winnipeg) ran into some old racing buddy that he used to run sidecar bikes with. “I swear that all Canadians do not know each other and that this is a big country,” Dave told us, but we believed him not. Once we refueled the Corvette, we made our way across downtown, siting in some impressive traffic, and causing a small dog to panic. We didn’t do anything! He just didn’t like the sound! Small dogs may not approve, but most of Toronto did, and we got a ton of thumbs up and camera phones held in our direction. After hitting up a few Toronto landmarks, watching the sun set over the skyline, and narrowly escaping a ticket on Yonge St (too awesome to be legal), we let Dave and John head home for the evening. We’ll reconvene tomorrow to continue our high horsepower tour of the North.Toronto-Canada-Corvette-1966-Schroeder-Ens-35




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