1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 – The most remarkable and mysterious

mustang In 1970 Ford had produced some of the best Mustangs of all times: Mach 1, GT, Boss 302,  Shelby but the most remarkable and mysterious was the Boss 429. The story starts with the  NASCAR racing series where Ford had entered with their Boss 429 engine as a competitor  of Chrysler Hemi 426. Back in the 1970 to enter in NASCAR, Ford had to produce 500  (originally there were 859 pieces produced of Boss 429) street versions of the particular  engine to enter in the NASCAR racing series. But the Mustang never appears on the racing  track, instead there were Torino or Mercury.


 The Mustang was the only option to get Boss 429 engine in a street legal car. This mysterious 1970 Ford Mustang has Boss 429c.i. 7.0 liter Semi-Hemi V8 engine with Aluminum cylinder head, producing 375 horsepower at factory limited 6,200rpm and 459lb-ft of torque (actual power is around 500 horsepower and is able to rev up to 9,000rpm). HURST four-speed manual transmission and 391 rear end. For us this is the most beautiful Mustang ever produced.

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