Check out this Rare Jaguar XJ13

The Jaguar Xj13 is an exceptional race car that was designed back in the mid 1960s. The car was expected to race in Le Mans, however never saw the track because of changes in race regulations. In this feature from a couple of years back, Motor Trend's Angus Mackenzie got to invest some quality time with this phenomenal and uncommon mammoth.

The mid-engine car is controlled by a custom-fabricated 5.0-liter V12 motor, which initially pushed out as much as 500 torque. Actually, its motor is basically a couple of Jaguar XK 6-barrel motors, mated together with a solitary crankshaft. The auto was powerful to the point that it figured out how to set a MIRA test track record of in excess of 161mph.

The Xj13′s history incorporates a significant accident amid a show in 1971 which almost annihilated it, however luckily the car was reassembled in 1973 so as to bring it once again to life. Then again, since the car was genuinely one of a kind, Jaguar concedes that the auto we see here isn't an accurate multiplication of the first, with somewhat more extensive wheel curves, and additionally electrical and mechanical upgrades.

The car now dwells at the Heritage Motor Center Museum, in Gaydon, UK.

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