Chevelle as the cover of Chevy Magazine

Well, I’ve held off putting out this post until now, but I wanted to officially mark the moment on this website now and forever that my Chevelle is the official cover car for the 2014 issue of Super Chevy writing! Those of you on Facebook and Twitter are already well aware of this, and I want to thank each of you that posted a picture of the magazine with a congrats. The response has been overwhelming. For those that asked if I knew it would be the cover car, the answer was a definite NO! I found out the same way everyone else did. I encourage you to RUN out today and get a copy for yourself! (I did see that the article is now on the Super Chevy website now, so you can read through it online as well.)


If you’ve been following the Chevelle Build for any amount of time you know full well that it was a labor of love, and kicked off by the amazing gift Jeff Allison (Allison Customs), a podcast listener from New Mexico whom I’d never met in person, gave me in March of 2011. His offer? To fully restore and build my old Chevelle from a good 20-foot car full of hidden problems into the the race car of my dreams (check out Podcast #72 to and my blog post “The Chevelle Build Begins” to get the full scoop). There would be no charge for the labor at all – I’d only be responsible for the parts.




Thanks to Robert Kibbe for this article. Check out this link for the full post.

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