Russell Wells’s 1969 Pontiac GTO

The first car that Russell Wells owned was a '69 Camaro,  a thing he regrets to today. Around then he was sixteen years old and he managed in 6 months to wreck the vehicle 3 times. His mother had enough and sold it so his every day driver Mazda RX-2 stayed with him for truly a period. Despite the fact that Russell's first car wasn't precisely the most representable of the Chevys, he did transform into growing up a Pontiac aficionado, and all that because of his grandparents basically his grandma who made a guarantee to him he will get a Lemans '67, 326 controlled. After his short Camaro hanging-out, Wells for a long time drove the Mazda until he had enough money to purchase a '78 Lemans.

He was a GTO fan since forever and in 2002, in Las Vegas he discovered a smooth ’69 GTO model. So after several weeks of bargaining he finally purchased the car sight-unchecked. The car looked like storm-caught, and each body part was somehow damaged. It wasn’t an impediment for him in the next five years to drive it on a daily basis. 1969-pontiac-gto-side-profile



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