Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Muscle Cars



Asking questions is key to car shopping — how is its mileage? How does it drive? What's the resale? But here's one question prospective car buyers could ask more often: How likely is it to get stolen?

They’re popular, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. A trio of so-called “pony cars” leads the pack of sporty vehicles with the highest theft rates according to data compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau



Chevrolet Camaro


1,509 Camaros Stolen from 2010 through 2012



Ford Mustang


980 stolen 2010 through 2012



Dodge Challenger


782 stolen 2010 through 2012



Porsche Panamera


103 stolen 2010 through 2012



Audi A5/S5


101 stolen 2010 through 2012

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